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Our team has been involved in boat construction and development all kind of parts for the construction and boat industry

We are a family based company with more than 20 years of experience on manufacturing. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers. We have the highest technology in all of our machines (Water jet, Laser, Plasma, CNC).

Our engineer team can help you develop custom parts for your specific needs. We are a unique company can that can work with different materials in the same environment, such as wood, plastics, metals, fiberglass, carbon fiber, glass, marble, etc. Which make us a versatile shop, which is very hard to find in this markets.

Our team has been involved in boat construction and development all kind of parts for the construction and boat industry. We have a team of engineers that are capable of develop a wide range of products for all types industries.

Our Services

We offer laser cutting and engraving for acrylics, wood and some other materials. One of the most precise and clean laser machine in the market.


Our plasma is one of the most precise in the market, can cut up to 1.5” thick of metals, when we can make your projects become to reality by cutting any metal you want fast and reliable.

CNC router

Our CNC router is capable of cutting and engraving any plastic, wood and aluminum, with a very high precision. We can make 3d shapes with the highest performance.


In Marinetop we have a 90,000 psi water jet, capable of cutting any type of material in any form. We have worked for the boats industry cutting up to 4” thickness of steel and aluminum with perfect finishing.

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We're Creative

we have been working in more than 20 different industries making our customers get what they imagine come true. As a team, we always come together to think, design, and manufacture whatever the client has in mind.

We're Punctual

there is nothing better for our team than getting the trust of our customers by having the duty to deal with every type of project they want us to do.

We're responsible

you give us the work, we start the set-up process and let you know exactly how long you will have your creation done.

We're Friendly

Yes, we are!! We love to have our customers involved in their projects invite them to our shop and let them be part on the development of their product.

We are passionate about solving problems with clarity, simplicity and honesty.

Check our Skills

Laser- 4 years Experience
Cnc Router- 6 years Experience
Water jet- 5 years Experience
Plasma- 6 years Experience

I went to Marinetop Shop with a complicated project in mind, I just explained to them what was my idea and while I was in my first meeting with them, I and their team came together with different ideas, and my creation was brought to life! The aluminum work I wanted to do was completely what I expected.

Maria Salazar

I had to do custom-made acrylic work for my boat, I visit them and they came out to be the best company I have known for custom-made acrylic work. They have a lot of imagination and the quality is amazing. –

Fernando Gonzales

Looking for woodwork? There is no other place you need to visit than Marinetop Shop, they do whatever is in their hands to make your project work in their amazing shop (they have CNC machines, Laser, Plasma, and more)

Serena Garivialdi

Creative Minds

Machinists create, everyone else just describesLet's Work Together
185Water jet
350CNC Router

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